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After School ★ Danger
Chapter Info
Volume Neo Parasyte F
Chapter 2
Kanji あぶ★ナイ放課後
Total Pages 8
Chapter Chronology
Macabre Goods The Royal Prince

After School ★ Danger (あぶ★ナイ放課後) is a short story in the manga anthology Neo Parasyte F, written and illustrated by Ema Toyama. It is Case 2 in the volume.


Yuko, a student in Shinichi Izumi's school, happens to have a parasite of her own on her hand named Migiko. She is also a fujoshi and happens to glimpse Hideo Shimada's covert meetings with Shinichi, and her imagination fills in the blanks with spectacular results. Migiko can only encourage Yuko's energy by illustrating works of her own for Yuko to enjoy.