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Eat It Tonight, Too
Chapter Info
Volume Neo Parasyte M
Chapter 2
Kanji 今夜もEat it
Chapter Chronology
Through Yura's Gate Granny's Regrets

Eat It Tonight, Too (今夜もEat it) is the 2nd short story in the manga anthology Neo Parasyte M, written and illustrated by Moare Ohta.


During a company party involving alcohol, a parasite is mistaken for an old pet dog and dragged home by his co-worker. Upon waking and realizing her mistake, she apologizes by making him breakfast and he is so impressed by the nutritional quality of the meal that he begins dating her and later marries her. They live a lifetime together, even having a daughter together who finds her own father somewhat strange and off-putting. He eventually outlives his wife and cooks for himself the rest of his life.



  • Nitaro Yamawaki
  • Nitaro's wife
  • Yoshiko