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Hello Sadness

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Episode Information
Kanji 悲しみよこんにちは
Rōmaji Kanashimi yo Konnichi wa
Air Date Januray 8th, 2015 (Japan)
January 16th, 2016 (United States), January 23rd, 2016 (United States)
Adapted Chapters Chapter 32
(Pages 1-17, 20-24, 26, 29-34)
Chapter 33
(Pages 1-8, 10-11, 13-36)
Chapter 34
(Pages 1-33)
Opening Song Let Me Hear
Ending Song It's The Right Time (1st Version)
Episode Credits
Episode Direction Kuzuya Naoyuki
Storyboard Sayama Kiyoko
Screenplay Fujita Shinzou
Animation Direction Harada Minefumi
Episode Chronology
Episode 12 Episode 14

Hello Sadness (悲しみよこんにちは, Kanashimi yo Konnichi wa) is 13th episode of the Parasyte -the maxim- (寄生獣 セイの格率,, Kiseijū Sei no Kakuritsu) anime series.


Shinichi returns to the crime scene to try to keep the feeling of mourning for Kana. He is followed by a human private investigator hired by Reiko, who learns about Migi's existence. Becoming paranoid that he'll become a lab rat, Shinichi asks for Murano to meet him, where things don't end well.


Shinichi is still upset over Kana's death but finds solace in Murano's company. It is then revealed that a league of Parasites, Kusano, Gotou and Reiko Tamura included, along with Hirokawa, have designated feeding locations to raise their kind's survival chances. Tamura has hired Shirou Kuramori to follow Shinichi closely. Her baby is now born, but her feelings towards it have apparently not changed.

Tamura sends some thugs after Shinichi and Kuramori captures the fight on camera. Later, Murano is unnerved by Shinichi's calmness in spite of Kana's death. He visits the place of her death to further mourn her, tailed by Kuramori. Migi notices him and unsuccessfully attempts to kill him but procures his camera in the process. As a result, Shinichi becomes paranoid about becoming a laboratory test subject.

The episode ends with him wanting to tell Murano everything, but Migi threatens to kill her.



  • The title of this episode is from literary work "Hello Sadness", along with all the episode titles, are from famous literary works.


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