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The Selfish Gene

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Episode Information
Kanji 利己的な遺伝子
Rōmaji Rikoteki na Idenshi
Air Date Januray 15th, 2015 (Japan)
January 23rd, 2016 (United States), January 30th, 2016 (United States)
Adapted Chapters Chapter 34
(Pages 34-38)
Chapter 35
(Pages 2-34)
Chapter 36
(Pages 2, 4-32)
Opening Song Let Me Hear
Ending Song It's The Right Time (1st Version)
Episode Credits
Episode Direction Sawai Kouji
Storyboard Sawai Kouji
Screenplay Yonemura Shouji
Animation Direction Shima Ken`ichi
Episode Chronology
Episode 13 Episode 15

The Selfish Gene (利己的な遺伝子, Rikoteki na Idenshi) is the 14th episode of the Parasyte -the maxim- (寄生獣 セイの格率,, Kiseijū Sei no Kakuritsu) anime series.


With their hands forced, Shinichi and Migi reunite with Uda in order to capture and interrogate Kuramori Together, they are able to convince Kuramori to leave Shinichi alone for the time being. Shinichi has a meeting on the roof of a college with Reiko.


Kuramori, despite being dissuaded by Reiko Tamura, decides to continue his investigation. Shinichi teams up with Uda again to attempt to track down and capture the investigator. Shinichi explains everything to Kuramori and Migi warns him not to continue, if he doesn't want to be killed by Tamura.

Tamura attends a university lecture on the "selfish gene", explaining altruism and parental love by an organism simply ensuring the transmission of its own DNA. She brings her baby along to meet with Shinichi, and reveals that Parasites are looking for ways to coexist with humans.

She deduces that a Parasite has killed Shinichi's mother, and the boy threatens to kill her. Tamura almost uses her baby as a shield. Later, a fortune teller reads his palm to find a hole in his heart, recommending that he seek closure with the person who opened this hole.

The episode ends with Shinichi smiling eerily, informing her that he has killed this person (his mother).



  • The title of this episode is from literary work "The Selfish Gene", along with all the episode titles, are from famous literary works.


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