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Tangled Hair

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Episode Information
Kanji みだれ髪
Rōmaji Midaregami
Air Date October 30th, 2014 (Japan)
October 24th, 2015 (United States)
Adapted Chapters Chapter 7
(Pages 24-30)
Chapter 8
(Pages 1-14, 16-23)
Chapter 9
(Pages 2-6, 8-28)
Opening Song Let Me Hear
Ending Song It's The Right Time (1st Version)
Episode Credits
Episode Direction Ishida Tooru
Storyboard Satou Yuuzou
Screenplay Yonemura Shouji
Animation Direction Ashitani Kouhei
Episode Chronology
Episode 3 Episode 5

Tangled Hair (みだれ髪, Midaregami) is the 4th episode of the Parasyte -the maxim- (寄生獣 セイの格率,, Kiseijū Sei no Kakuritsu) anime series.


Shinichi battles and severely injures A, who tries to escape, but is finished off by Ryoko. Ryoko initially planned on killing Shinichi, but changes her mind after sensing a change in his body. Back at home, Shinichi's mother knows something is wrong as well.


Shinichi and A face off. It is revealed that Migi is taking on a defensive role while Shinichi is on the offensive. This is only possible as A underestimates the power they share together. Shinichi stabs A through a major artery with a chair leg, causing serious injury. A finds he cannot retain a human face any longer and intends to share a host with Ryoko Tamiya, but the she kills her fellow parasite by igniting a gas leak.

In response to suspicions over the father of Tamiya's child, she quits her job as teacher. She discusses with Shinichi the fact that all animals have instincts, and that of the Parasites' is to devour mankind. She plans to keep her child for experimental purposes and threatens to kill Shinichi, but holds back when she senses a change in his body.

That night, Tamiya's mother comes to visit her, but the old lady realizes her daughter is no longer whom she used to know. She goes to call the police, and Tamiya kills her. The next morning, Migi brings up the theory that Parasites can change hosts when the have taken over individuals' heads.

Shinichi's parents are planning a trip to the countryside, but Shinichi is against it because of the Mincemeat Murderers. His mother wonders if he is keeping something from them. She remembers saving her son from being scalded by hot oil in his childhood, sustaining a burn herself in the process.

Migi mentions a low probability of Parasite attacks in the countryside and Shinichi tells his parents he is fine with them going on the trip. His mother notices something is indeed different about Shinichi but he plays it off, claiming he was worried he would get lonely without them. The couple leaves for their trip.

The episode ends with Ryoko Tamiya feeling her baby move in her womb.



  • The title of this episode is from literary work "Midaregami" (translated as "Tangled Hair"), along with all the episode titles, are from famous literary works.
  • Another name of this episode is "Disheveled Hair", as for it not to refer the literary work.


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