The Stranger

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Episode Information
Kanji 異邦人
Rōmaji Ihōjin
Air Date November 6th, 2014 (Japan)
November 7th, 2015 (United States)
Adapted Chapters Chapter 10
(Pages 2-16, 18-36)
Chapter 11
(Pages 1, 3-8, 11-26, 28)
Chapter 12
(Pages 1-18)
Opening Song Let Me Hear
Ending Song It's The Right Time (1st Version)
Episode Credits
Episode Direction Matano Hiromichi
Storyboard Takahashi Tooru
Screenplay Yonemura Shouji
Animation Direction Yamazaki Noriyoshi
Episode Chronology
Episode 4 Episode 6

The Stranger (異邦人, Ihōjin) is the 5th episode of the Parasyte -the maxim- (寄生獣 セイの格率,, Kiseijū Sei no Kakuritsu) anime series.


On his way to school Shinichi is targeted by a gang of delinquents, their leader Mitsuo, and Kana, his girlfriend, who becomes suspicious of Shinichi's nature. After returning home, Shinichi is caught by surprise when he is attacked by a parasite who forcefully gained control of the body of his mother.


A parasite controlling a female body sustains serious injuries during a car accident and takes over the male driver's body, but has trouble maintaining his bodily functions.

On his way to school the next day, Migi remarks on Shinichi's acquaintances noticing a change in his demeanor. He happens upon Nagai being assaulted by Mitsuo's gang and attempts to stand up for him. Kana feels Shinichi is helpless and asks Mitsuo to not waste anymore energy on him; when she crouches over Shinichi and peers into his eyes, she somehow detects an inhuman change in his body.

Jealousy overtakes Mitsuo as he targets Satomi next and roughs Shinichi up even more, but Kamijou, Nagai and more students from Shinichi's school stand up to Mitsuo's gang. Shaken by the incident, Satomi walks Shinichi home, but refuses to stay over. Migi identifies Kana's ability to detect Parasites and cautions Shinichi to stay away from her.

Meanwhile, the parasite from the beginning of the episode roams the highway in search for a female body and stumbles upon Nobuko and Kazuyuki. With Kazuyuki as a witness it quickly beheads Nobuko and relocates to her body. After receiving a wound and falling off the cliffside into the water, Kazuyuki calls his son and speaks incoherently about Nobuko and monsters. Shinichi regrets his previous decision to keep Migi secret from his parents. Nobuko's overtaken body returns home and Shinichi refuses to accept his mother has been murdered, and holds a knife to Migi to prevent him from attacking her.

The parasite states its plans to make sure Kazuyuki is dead. Shinichi then begins recalling his guilt about the burn mark Nobuko had on her wrist, though because the parasite has taken over her body, it has no emotions or mermory of the incident and swiftly spears Shinichi through the heart.



  • The title of this episode is from literary work "The Stranger" or "L'Étranger", along with all the episode titles, are from famous literary works.


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