Fukami manga.jpg

Personal statistics
Name Fukami
Gender Male
Status Alive
Species Human
Eye Brown
Hair Brown
Occupation Psychic
Series statistics
Anime debut Episode 18
Manga debut Chapter 49
Seiyuu Tōru Nara
English Voice Kyle Colby Jones

Fukami (深見, Fukami) is a man brought in by Hirama to be screened by Uragami. He claims to be a psychic capable of identifying parasites, but is most likely a fraud.


Fukami is a heavyset man with brown eyes and hair. He has thick lips and is seen wearing a blue dress shirt and dress pants. He has freckles in the manga.


Fukami had enough confidence to use his ability to help the police, but became very nervous in the presence of Uragami.


Fukami is first seen in a small windowless room with five other people, one being Shinichi. They're given the task of seeing if the person they are screening can sense Parasites or is in fact one themselves. Fukami is the first to be screened by Uragami, who scoffs at him when he walks in. Hirama asks Fukami to use his ability on the adjacent person, in which he does, and he deduces that Uragami isn't a parasite. Instead, he has a hard time getting a read on Uragami, claiming to be "Walled out". Hirama and the other detectives allow him to leave and believe he was just a fraud.


  • Fukami appears in the Parasyte Reversi spinoff, though he shares the surname with the major character Fukami.
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