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Plant decor in the coffee shop

Herald Coffee Shop is a small café where Shinichi and Migi meet with Ryōko Tamiya and A, located near the train station.


It is a small building with plush seat booths and plants decorating it.


Shinichi waiting at a booth

The shop is first mentioned by Ryōko to Shinichi while at school, in hopes of having a meeting outside school for a more thorough conversation.

At the coffee shop, Migi is surprised by the presence of a second parasite and tells Shinichi to pull his sleeve back in preparation, Shinichi again expecting a trap. Ryoko walks in and introduces a nameless parasite she then dubs A. Migi tries to calm Shinichi down, as his racing heart is also affecting Migi. A is threatened by Shinichi's existence, claiming he isn't "one of us", and begins unspooling his head to attack while Migi sharpens Shinichi's fingers into claws. Ryoko interrupts and tells them to stop.

She asks Shinichi various questions about the parasites he's met and how he perceives them, then reveals that she's pregnant. Migi deduces the child is human, and Ryoko confirms it, stating that parasites cannot reproduce. A leaves abruptly, stating he has no interest in anything beyond eating food and killing threats. Ryoko dismisses his attitude, then informs Shinichi that she would like to keep her human identity and warns him not to make trouble for her or she will kill her homeroom class, Satomi included. During her intimidation, she places a metal spoon in her mouth and rolls it up effortlessly. After she leaves, Migi once again declares her impressive for how badly she scared Shinichi, and he pours cold water on Migi in turn.


  • In the Tokyopop westernized release, the cafe is renamed "Harold's".