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Kisei!! Ekoda-chan
Chapter Info
Volume Neo Parasyte M
Chapter 11
Kanji 寄生!! 江古田ちゃん
Total Pages 3
Chapter Chronology
Edible Chinless Gen and I Are Parasites

Kisei!! Ekoda-chan (寄生!! 江古田ちゃん) is the 11th short story in the manga anthology Neo Parasyte M, written and illustrated by Yukari Takinami. It is written in a series of short 4-panel comics and is a crossover between Parasyte and Rinshi!! Ekoda-chan.


A parasite invades a woman's lower body while she is trying on a ridiculously tight-waisted skirt. The parasite is thus unfortunately merged with her genital area and is called "Vaggy".