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Welcome to the Kiseijuu Wiki sandbox!
This page exists so that you can practice editing or formatting (see Help:Editing) without changing any serious content. Feel free to try wiki editing out here first.
There is a tutorial on the Central (coordinating) Wikia that will step you through more of the things you can do. Wiki allow for rather complicated formatting. It can look overwhelming when you begin, but don't let it worry you. Just start with the basics... enter some text, and learn the other pieces as you go. Your content contributions are welcome and important. The wiki is a collaborative effort and others can help with formatting and other improvements.
Best wishes!

Template:About This page is for any tests.

Welcome to the sandbox!

Anyone can edit this.

Simple Editing

To edit a page, click on the "edit" tab, usually near the top of the page. Then, edit the box in the page. Feel free to practice here, on this page. It's here just for you to practice.

A blank line indicates a paragraph separation.

You can link to another page by putting the name or title of that page in double square brackets. [[Main Page]] becomes Main Page.

Simple Formatting

Create headers by putting text inbetween repeated equal (=) signs. The more =, the lower level the heading is.

Create a bulleted list by starting each item with an asterisk (*)

  • it's ok to make editing mistakes
  • you can preview your work before saving it
  • even after saving it, you or someone else can edit it again to make it even better

Formatting for Emphasis

Put single quote marks around words or phrases for formatting emphasis.

Two single quotes, like ''italics'' will create italics.

Three single quotes, like '''bold text''' will create bold text.

Other stuff...

If you know HTML or CSS formatting commands, they can also be used in this wiki. One useful HTML command is <br /> which creates a line break.

If you want to show what a command looks like, rather than actually implementing the command, surround it with the nowiki command.

Useful activities
Other useful special pages

For all fictional names (i.e. not names of voice actors or other staff), a prolonged "oh" sound (transliterated as ō) at the end of a name should be written as "ou" for the sake of both accuracy and ease of typing. Examples: Gotō = Gotou, Shirō = Shirou

Eventually he (dad) manages to get access to a payphone, his own phone and tablet damaged by the water, and contacts Shinichi to let him know that Nobuko was attacked.

Shinichi blames Migi due to the perpetrator being a parasite. He threatens to cut Migi off, holding a knife to his own arm. Migi soon detects a parasite approaching their household who turns out to be the parasite impersonating Nobuko. Unable to accept that his mother is dead, Shinichi keeps the knife in Migi's way and prevents him from defending them from the parasite's attack. Once she determines that Kazuyuki isn't home, she stabs Shinichi in the heart and leaves.