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Last updated: Nov/21/20

High priority

Medium priority

  • Images for galleries
    • Add at least 1 per category for future ease of adding
  • Format text and images to look nicer
    • Make text simpler, shorter and easier to read
  • Write synopsis/summary and extended plot for movies
  • Add any missing live-action movie tabs for characters
    • Figure out how to divide articles for differences between manga/anime/movie
  • Add manga volumes synopses
  • Standardize character entry format
    • Especially "Weaknesses" heading, if any
  • Proofreading
    • Rewrite episodes' trivia about literary work to be more readable
    • Go through parasite pages and fix up abilities: "As a parasite, namehere has the basic capabilities of shapeshifting _ head and hardening _ cells for offensive and defensive purposes, as well as detecting other parasite signals and automatically emitting _ own. - can also maximize the host body's physical potential and disregard pain."
    • Fix Mr. Yamamoto (actually Satomi's teacher), Takizawa (public safety), and any other accidental misinformation
  • Fix naming
    • Standardize long vowels (o vs ou vs ō, etc)
    • Standardize manga and anime summaries to article standard
      • fix "shiro's"
    • Find kanji for missing names
    • Standardize kanji transliteration
    • Double check/standardize parasite vs Parasite and remove any Parasyte regarding the monsters

Low priority

  • Fix categories
  • Anything about Spinoffs
  • Add more info to locations
  • Fix up style guide
  • Images, minor issues
    • Categorize images and image-lacking articles
    • Check for images that aren't used on any page and either use them or tag them for deletion
    • Standardize and rename images
  • Parasyte disambiguation page?
  • Add "differences between manga and anime" section to anime/manga entries

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