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Mincemeat Murders are the numerous amounts of murders that involved the bodies of the victims being heavily mutilated and partially eaten. The murders are caused by the species known as parasites. Many people originally believed that it was the doing of a cannibalistic cult, until Hideo Shimada went on an uncontrollable rampage and revealed the existence of the species. After some time, the parasites eventually adapted and stopped leaving the rest of the dead bodies in easily discoverable areas or eating humans at all, and talk of the Mincemeat Murders died down.



It could be said that Fujii, one of the first people seen to be infected by a parasite, began the murders when he himself killed and ate his family. However, they began occurring after the parasites fell from the sky and infected humans or other animals.


The murders have been reported happening around the world. It's been stated that most of the murders take place in heavily populated cities such as Tokyo.


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