Mita manga.jpg

Personal statistics
Name Mita
Gender Male
Status Alive
Species Human
Eye Brown
Hair Brown
Occupation Police Detective
Partner(s) Hirama
Katsumata (Deceased)
Series statistics
Anime debut Episode 12
Manga debut Chapter 31
Seiyuu Shinya Hamazoe
English Voice David Matranga

Mita is the partner of Detective Hirama. He plays a role in killing Reiko Tamura.


Mita is a tall and slender man with well-kept brown hair and brown eyes. Just like the other detectives, he wears a black formal suit and a teal colored tie.


Mita was seen getting upset when Kuramori wouldn't cooperate with them initially and got angry when Kuramori snuck out after he was "so nice to him". In the manga he seems to be slightly apathetic towards most things.

He also displayed some unease when they were searching Reiko's house, worried that she might be hiding in it and remarking that Hideo Shimada had killed a lot of men.


Mita is first seen alongside his partner, Detective Hirama. They discuss the recent murder of Kana Kimishima, and asks why Shinichi doesn't seem fazed by the death of a friend. He's then informed that Shinichi's mother was previously killed by Parasites. Mita notes that he quite rude for ignoring them, but is told he's been interrogated extensively and had his hair pulled, so it's only natural he'd be that way.

In the manga he is seen in a diner with Detective Hirama and Kuramori. They discussed how Kuramori could help them solve the case of his family's murder by writing them a detailed report of everything he's been through. They soon move to a hotel, so that Kuramori could work in peace. Mita then later goes to get cigarettes for Kuramori, but when he returns he finds Kuramori had finished the report and left without telling anyone. Angry, Mita tells Hirama of the situation, who then quickly puts together a group to search for Reiko Tamura. When they reach Reiko's residence, they discover the note left by Kuramori for her and quickly head for Hikari Park.

At the park they begin their search for Reiko. Mita along with other detectives are soon called to the center of the park where Reiko is located. On Hirama's mark they begin shooting her, but stop once she gets too close to Shinichi. Mita watches in silence as Reiko hands her child to him and dies thereafter. During the cleanup process Mita is seen being berated for trying to arrest Shinichi. This was the last he was seen in the manga.

In the anime, he joins Hirama and Detective Katsumata during their experiments with Uragami. He is mostly quiet, but makes remarks about Uragami's attitude towards the whole situation. He is also seen in the meeting with Yamagishi and Inspector Takizawa. During the day of the extermination, he is seen inside a bus and watches onward with Hirama. He is silent for this time, but reacts to the slaughter happening outside.

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