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Personal statistics
Name Miyake
Gender Female
Status Alive
Species Human
Eye Brown
Hair Brown
Occupation Scientist
Partner(s) Sato
Series statistics
Anime debut Episode 18
Manga debut Chapter 49
Seiyuu Miho Miyagawa
English Voice Sara Ornelas

Miyake () is a scientist who assisted detective Hirama with his tests.


Miyake is a tall and slender woman with long brown hair that she keeps back.

She is seen in a lab coat with a purple turtleneck sweater underneath, wearing glasses.


Miyake is a very calm and collected person who didn't think that Shinichi Izumi's calmness was particularly notable, instead showing some concern about exposing him to Uragami. While others became embarrassed or angry at Uragami's actions, she remained levelheaded and appeared to find his antics humorous. She did show slight annoyance at the incompetence of the "psychics" brought in and commented on their uselessness, and only became unnerved when Uragami became serious upon facing Shinichi.


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Miyake was one of the major scientists in the lab where they tested if various people could detect parasites. They brought in five people one at a time to sit across from Uragami, and see what either side would say about the other. The first four included Fukami, Nakagawa and two other self-proclaimed psychics while the last to enter was Shinichi Izumi.


  • The name Miyake means "three" (三) (mi) and "home, house, residence, our house, my husband" (宅) (yake).


  • Miyake was seen smoking in the manga.
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