Nakagawa manga.jpg

Personal statistics
Name Nakagawa
Gender Female
Status Alive
Species Human
Eye Brown
Hair Brown
Series statistics
Anime debut Episode 18
Manga debut Chapter 49
English Voice Christina Stroup

Nakagawa (中川) is a young woman who encountered parasites in the past and she is screened by Uragami.


Nakagawa is a young brown-haired woman.

She was seen wearing a pink overcoat with a white shirt underneath and a necklace. She wore a tan skirt with black stockings and red high heels.


Nakagawa was fairly calm and waited patiently for her time to be screened, although she freaked out when Uragami begins masturbating to her, accusing him of being a parasite before running out.


Nakagawa is first seen inside a small windowless room along with four other people Hirama brought in. When it's her turn to be screened, she walks in the room and she is taken aback as Uragami begins masturbating in front of her. She quickly says that he's absolutely a parasite and she leaves in a huff.


  • The surname Nakagawa means "middle" (中) (naka) and "river, stream" (川) (kawa/gawa).
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