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Neo Parasyte F


Volume Info
Volume Neo Parasyte F
ISBN 978-1632363664
Total Pages 288
Release Date March 23, 2015
Volume Chronology
N/A Neo Parasyte M

Neo Parasyte F (ネオ寄生獣f, Neo Kiseijū f) is a manga anthology of short stories based on Hitoshi Iwaaki's science-fiction horror manga, Parasyte. Its counterpart is Neo Parasyte M.


A parasite keeps a house of mysteries that is full of twisted exhibits. Another kills an entire family, only to get stuck infecting a teenage daughter obsessed with fairy tale romance manga. These and 13 more stories, from some of the greatest shoujo manga artists alive today, make up a chilling, funny, and entertaining tribute to an all-time classic series.


# Title Author
1 Macabre Goods (物ッ怪屋) Asumiko Nakamura
2 After School ★ Danger (あぶ★ナイ放課後) Ema Toyama
3 The Royal Prince (王子) Miki Rinno
4 Always With You (きみといつまでも) Lalako Kojima
5 The God of Never Never (ないないの神様) Kaori Yuki
6 Parasite Food (寄生食) Banko Kuze
7 Because I Love It (大好きだから) Yuuki Obata
8 The Telepathist and the Parasite (テレパシストとパラサイト) Kashio
9 Parasite Love (パラサイト・ラブ) Yui Kuroe
10 First Contact (ファースト・コンタクト) Asia Watanabe
11 Forbidden Fun (禁じられた遊び) Mikimaki
12 The Taste of Palm (掌の味) Hikaru Suruga
13 Secret Library (図書室の秘密) Hajime Shinjo
14 How Have You Been Since Then? (その後いかがお過ごしですか?) Renjuro Kindaichi
15 A New One (アタラシキヒトツノ) Yuri Narushima


  • The electronic version of the original Japanese edition is split into two halves called the "Parasite Side" and "Human Side".