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For the live action movies, see Parasyte: Part 1 and Parasyte: Part 2.
For the anime, see Parasyte -the maxim-.
For the monsters, see Parasites.
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Parasyte (寄生獣, Kiseijū, lit. "Parasitic Beasts") is a horror sci-fi manga series written and illustrated by Hitoshi Iwaaki. It centers on a boy named Shinichi Izumi who lives in a world where aliens suddenly invade the planet and take over human bodies. One alien tries to take over Shinichi's body, but fails. He ends up residing in Shinichi's right hand and the two are forced to co-exist as allies against other parasites looking to kill them.


They arrive in silence and darkness. They descend from the skies. They have a hunger for human flesh. They are everywhere. They are parasites, alien creatures who must invade and take control of a human host to survive. And once they have infected their victims, they can assume any deadly form they choose: monsters with giant teeth, winged demons, creatures with blades for hands. But most have chosen to conceal their lethal purpose behind ordinary human faces. So no one knows their secret except an ordinary high school student. Shin is battling for control of his own body against an alien parasite, but can he find a way to warn humanity of the horrors to come?

Volumes (Tankōbon)

Volume Number
Chapters Release Date ISBN Cover
Volume 1
July 20, 1990 ISBN 978-4-06-314026-2
Volume 01.jpg
Volume 2
January 18, 1991 ISBN 978-4-06-314029-3
Volume 02.jpg
Volume 3
July 18, 1991 ISBN 978-4-06-314036-1
Volume 03.jpg
Volume 4
January 20, 1992 ISBN 978-4-06-314040-8
Volume 04.jpg
Volume 5
August 19, 1992 ISBN 978-4-06-314045-3
Volume 05.jpg
Volume 6
  • Chapter 33 - Witness (目撃者, Mokugeki-sha)
  • Chapter 34 - Iron and Glass (鉄とガラス, Tetsu to Garasu)
  • Chapter 35 - Indifferently Named (名前に無頓着, Namae ni Mutonjaku)
  • Chapter 36 - The Devil's Face (悪魔の面影, Akuma no Omokage)
  • Chapter 37 - Dining Room (食堂, Shokudō)
  • Chapter 38 - Face-Off (敵対, Tekitai)
January 19, 1993 ISBN 978-4-06-314054-5
Volume 06.jpg
Volume 7
  • Chapter 39 - Assassin (刺客, Shikaku)
  • Chapter 40 - Command Tower (司令塔, Shireitō)
  • Chapter 41 - Final Form (完全体, Kanzentai)
  • Chapter 42 - A Little Family 1 (小さな家族 (1), Chīsana Kazoku (1))
  • Chapter 43 - A Little Family 2 (小さな家族 (2), Chīsana Kazoku (2))
  • Chapter 44 - Impetuosity (性急に, Seikyū ni)
  • Chapter 45 - Cold-Blooded Battle (冷血の戦い, Reiketsu no Tatakai)
July 20, 1993 ISBN 978-4-06-314064-4
Volume 07.jpg
Volume 8
  • Chapter 46 - The Park (となり町の公園, Tonari machi no kōen)
  • Chapter 47 - Some Child's Parent (人の子の親, Hito no ko no oya)
  • Chapter 48 - Homecoming (ただいま, Tadaima)
  • Chapter 49 - Staring Experiment (お見合い実験, O miai jikken)
  • Chapter 50 - Weapon (狂気, Kyōki)
  • Chapter 51 - Bearing (進路, Shinro)
February 16, 1994 ISBN 978-4-06-314076-7
Volume 08.jpg
Volume 9
November 11, 1994 ISBN 978-4-06-314095-8
Volume 09.jpg
Volume 10
March 15, 1995 ISBN 978-4-06-314107-8
Volume 10.jpg

Other Information

  • The series won the Kodansha Manga Award for general manga in 1993.
  • It also won the Seiun Award for being the best manga of the year in 1996.
  • In Japan it sold more than 11 million copies in release of every volume back then when it was still running.
  • In a 1996 poll result of Top 50 all time manga by Japanese Agency for Cultural Affairs, done as a part of Popular Japanese Media Art polls, Parasyte was ranked as 14th best manga of all time in Japan, out of all 50.
  • After the release of the last volume, many other manga series were inspired by it, as well as video games.
  • It has an alternative release format by Kodansha with 8 volumes, and a westernized translation by Tokyopop where the work was flipped to read left-to-right, resulting in Migi being called Lefty.
  • Parasyte was one of the first four manga licensed by Tokyopop, then named MixxZine Magazine.