Parasyte Reversi (寄生獣 リバーシ, Kiseijū Ribāshi) is a manga sidestory based on Hitoshi Iwaaki's science-fiction horror manga, Parasyte, and written by Moare Ohta, author of Teppu. It focuses on the son of Mayor Takeshi Hirokawa investigating his father's covert association with the parasites around them. The work is currently being released serially in Japan; no English translation has been licensed for it yet.


The struggle for survival between humanity and Parasites continues unceasingly around the world. Unfolding in the shadow of the legends of Shinichi and Migi, another battle for existence is revealed. Fukami, a veteran detective, investigates a brutal mass murder, and is unsettled by the composure of the informant: high school student Tatsuki. The source of that discomfort lies within Tatsuki's family...


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Recurring characters


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