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Restaurants are discreet locations in which Parasites can feed upon human victims. After Hirokawa became Mayor of East Fukuyama City, he established multiple said locations.


Underground Parking Lot: This is the location in which Abe, who follows Miki, is killed. Shinichi also battled and killed a parasite here. It is simply labeled "building six".

Abandoned Building: Kana is killed at this location. She mistakes a parasite for Shinichi, and is killed due to seeing it feed. This is not actually a restaurant; the parasite involved chose to eat here instead of a designated area.

Map: a map of restaurant locations, displayed during a parasite meeting.

Collage: a screen showing several restaurants.

After the death of Mayor Hirokawa and the assault on City Hall, many parasites adapted to a human diet and lifestyle. It's possible all restaurants were discontinued.


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