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Shirou Kuramori
Personal statistics
Name Shirou Kuramori
Gender Male
Status Deceased
Relatives, etc. Yumi Kuramori (Daughter - Deceased)
Youko Kuramori (Wife - Deceased)
Species Human
Eye Brown
Hair Brown
Occupation Private Investigator
Partner(s) Abe
Series statistics
Anime debut Episode 13
Manga debut Chapter 32
Seiyuu Issei Futamata
English Voice Jay Hickman
Live Action Nao Omani
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Shirou Kuramori (倉森 志郎 Kuramori Shirō) was a Private Detective who was hired by Reiko Tamura to spy on Shinichi Izumi. After becoming a liability, he is targeted and his family killed by parasites.


Kuramori was a man of average height and weight. He had brown hair, which he kept combed, and a long face with a prominent nose. Being a detective, Kuramori often dressed in suits and business attire.


Kuramori had dreams of becoming a great detective like Sherlock Holmes. This caused him to use poor judgment and risk his life in hopes of making it big. However, after learning of the parasites, he chose his family and life over the job. After his family is killed, he became depressed.

Kuramori was initially insensitive with Shinichi's situation, telling the youth that he should turn himself in even if it means being a lab rat for the sake of humanity. However, the private investigator later apologizes later when realizing the risks Shinichi had involved himself in when fighting against the parasites. After the death of his wife and daughter, Kuramori is shown to have grown very sympathetic for how Shinichi lost his mother. During his final moments, when Hirama asks the identity of his unknown partner, Kuramori responds in how much Shinichi had suffered because of the parasites. However, respecting Shinichi’s wishes, he chose to keep his partner’s identity anonymous. 

He is mentioned to be good with kids, having had experience as a stay-at-home father while his wife worked after their daughter was born. 


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Kuramori was first seen spying on Shinichi from afar, mentioning that it's good he has a girlfriend. The next day, Kuramori records the confrontation between Shinichi and some thugs that were assigned by Reiko Tamura, then later informs Reiko that there wasn't anything strange about Shinichi. However, he decides to proceed with his investigation. During the night, he follows Shinichi to the town where Kana was killed by a parasite and manages to discover Migi. Migi immediately decides to kill him, and while Shinichi prevents Migi from doing so Kuramori is able to escape, screaming for help.

Later, after his wife and child are killed, he is brought into the Fukuyama Police Headquarters for his statement.


  • The name Shirou means "motive, intention" (志) (shi) and "son" (郎) ().
  • His surname Kuramori means "cellar, storehouse" (倉) (kura) and "forest" (森) (mori).
  • Kuramori had no first name given in the manga.