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If you see the wiki is in need of a lot of specific changes (such as changing goto to gotou) please let me know and I'll get the AWB bot to do a mass edit.

Parasyte fan. Parasite fan. I think manga Gotou and Tamura are hot sue me

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Favorite characters

Admin To-do List

*for the site to-do list, click here

  • News page for transcluding and watching {{Kiseijuu Wiki:News}}
  • DONE create bot account in case of largescale bot editing
  • Lord help me
  • find you some more goddamn admins
  • set up better discord integration
  • leave parasyte invite on fandom discord?
  • request gallery namespace
  • ask abt changing kiseijuu to parasyte
  • DONE recolor infoboxes
  • finish wiki formatting goddamn (In progress, works as temp settings but may need to change off red)
    • change site theme to #8a0f21
    • Change background, modernize, maybe look at idk shield hero?
  • Fix up header
  • fix up front page to look new and improved? or at least encourage discussion re: standardization
    • unlock front page
    • remove movie website until another more reputable one is found Find reputable site abt kiseijuu movie
    • add [kodansha] site and japanese [kodansha site]
    • clean up main page header images
    • (AAAAA polls have been discontinued, figure out alternative) add standardization kiseijuu vs parasyte poll to poll booth
    • remove featured article?
    • change newsfeed to wiki news or smth
    • change latest cover to either reversi or modernized covers, or remove altogether
  • Make posts on watercooler and help desk?
    • also maybe make blog posts re: reversi
  • whatever the fuck portal2 is
  • general vs general discussion categories in discussion area??? why
  • Figure out infobox Templates and infobox templates

To do list, extended

Extensive writing


Image/gallery additions

  • see Nobuko Izumi for a decent example on image density. Maybe.


Additional pages

  • Make parasite page for nobuko imitator yay
  • Make pages for all stories of Neo Parasyte M and F
  • Possibly make character pages for Parasyte Reversi
  • Disambiguation page for kiseijuu in general?

Other changes

  • Degenderize Reiko Tamura's child
  • Being a parasite, Fujii can shapeshift from the head up and and harden his cells for offensive or defensive purposes, as well as detect other parasite signals and automatically emit his own. He can also maximize the host body's physical potential and disregard pain.
  • Like all parasites, Fujii requires a host body with functioning organs to survive, and would die if he were separated from the body or it was destroyed. Fire can cause his parasite cells to "freak out", making him lose control. He is also susceptible to poisons or caustic chemicals, which would either kill parasite cells on contact or make his host body fail.
  • Fix up the episodes' trivia: "The title of this episode is from literary work "title here", along with all the episode titles, are from famous literary works." <- rewrite so it makes sense
    • "Another name of this episode is "Disheveled Hair", as for it not to refer the literary work." <- what? what? .... what???
  • Remove deletion tag for currently-in-use images
  • ...add images category to images? maybe???
  • Standardize "Weaknesses" heading
  • Aw fuck us yamamoto is actually satomi's teacher. in manga? or anime too? also he died in manga lmao chapter 23
  • Takizawa is Public Safety in manga, not police chief
  • Check special:shortpages and stub any unstubbed stubs
  • Standardize categories esp for manga/anime/movie/spinoffs
  • Add trivia regarding canon characters appearing in the neo series
  • Add characters to Category:Spinoffs
    • add custom? infoboxes
    • create series infobox for reversi and kiseijuu? or use kiseijuu as backbone for reversi?

Things to poke admin abt

  • Figure out hwat the fuck to do with infobox Templates and infobox templates
  • Adjust formatting (current suggestions: dark grey for background, dark blue for links)
  • Make a post on watercooler and help desk so people know there's at least someone active lmao
  • Add spinoffs and other pages like locations to headers